How To Look Stylish And Stay Ethical

How To Look Stylish And Stay Ethical

Nowadays, it’s essential to be aware of the damage we are doing to the world we live in. Fortunately, there are many ways the modern man can adapt and introduce ethical practices to his daily life. Continue reading to find out more.

Many brands and companies have seen the benefits of being eco-friendly, and as such, this has made this easier for the consumer too. What initially started as an idea soon became something taken seriously worldwide, and much of the world has since followed suit. Fashion was one of the first industries that took note, and everything progressed from that. In my following points, I will suggest sections of your life that can be changed to ensure you are ticking those ethical boxes.

Ethical Clothing

One of the best ways to begin your environmentally friendly journey is by how you shop for clothes. Almost all newly launched brands (and many established giants) have seen fit to ensure their clothing is produced ethically. There are numerous ways clothing manufacturers can help the world we live in, including –

  • Fair-trade – making sure workers and employees receive better trading conditions and fair wages for their work.
  • Eco-friendly – generating environmental and social benefits that exceed the typical economic factor.
  • Locally made clothing – fashions created locally, rather than factories worldwide, to help local businesses.
  • Vegan clothing – garments made without animal products and other materials that do not exploit animals and conditions.

Eco-friendly Homes

Typically the homes we live in can be one of the worst culprits when it comes to damaging our environment thanks to the abundance of electricity we use and even the products we use. However, as with all things, there are a series of options we can put in place to reduce our carbon footprint –

  • Smart meters – install a smart meter so you can keep on top of the electricity you use. They can even be timed only to use the heating during the colder months.
  • Solar panels – installing panels into your roof is a surefire way to keep your house eco-friendly, and some can even switch off from the main electric grid entirely.
  • Green cleaning products – choose your cleaning products wisely, and stick to natural items such as lemon juice or bicarbonate of soda rather than bleaches and other chemicals.
  • Eco-friendly appliances – select appliances in the home that are built to limit the amount of electricity used, such as an eco-kettle or low-flow shower head.

Eco-friendly Cars

Cars are undoubtedly another way to express your fashion and style, yet it is essential to consider an electric car in this modern age. Many of the major car manufacturers now offer various electric car options (or Hybrid cars that use a mix of fuel and electricity), and fortunately, many can look as stylish as their petrol-based counterparts.

Many big cities now have implemented a congestion charge if your car is older, yet if you own an electric vehicle, these fees do not apply. The main advantage of an electric car is that you are no longer pumping dangerous gases into the world’s delicate ecosystem, so you owe it to yourself to upgrade to one of these models.

Interestingly, one of the other benefits of an electric car is that it can improve your love life too! No kidding! According to Big Motoring World, a car dealer study found that 36% of Brits were more likely to date someone who owned an EV. Interestingly, a social experiment noted that a Tinder profile of a man driving a Tesla received 144% more matches than a similar profile that did not feature an electric vehicle.

Going further, one of the profile matches stated – “I’ve got to be honest and say that the sight of a shiny Tesla was a massive turn-on for me – they don’t come cheap, and it showed me that he must be a really successful guy”

“As well as the car being electric, his bio said that he was passionate about climate change; there’s something really sexy about someone who believes in important issues. “It’s a shame the profile isn’t real – I’d have definitely gone on a date with him!”

This statement shows how the world has changed and can impact you in many ways, even in your relationships!

If you aim to purchase ethically friendly clothing as a first point of call, you will be on the right path to help the world we live in. Continue this focus with an eco-friendly home and electric car to make yourself a fully functionally world-aware fashionista. What are your thoughts on my latest article? Do you already follow many of these ideas, or do you have other suggestions? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below.


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