Fioboc T-Shirt Collection

Fioboc T-Shirt Collection

Sustainable fashion is on the rise daily; fortunately, thanks to the new brand – Fioboc, you do not have to sacrifice comfort and style when ticking off those eco-friendly boxes.

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Fioboc started life in 2019 when the founders were searching for that elusive perfect T-shirt, suitable for all occasions and events while looking good and comfortable to wear. When visiting fabric factories, they discovered a large amount of waste and pollution is created during the production process. Since this eye-opening find, it was decided to launch the Fioboc brand using only factories that care for the environment; during this time, they even designed and created their own unique fabric, blended with eco-friendly bamboo fibre, long-staple cotton and Corona fibre.

The brand offers a modest collection of items, lovingly crafted down to the very last thread. Their range comes in classic colours of white, black and navy. Classic tees, polos and henleys are the brand’s staples, all suitable for everyday wear.

For my introduction to the brand, I selected a classic navy tee featuring a slightly relaxed fit suitable for the hotter weather. The fabric is soft to touch, almost silky and perfect for long-term wear throughout the day. The brand has chosen a minimalistic route, with only the smallest of logos positioned on the arm of one of the sleeves.

I paired the navy T-shirt with a pair of brown swim shorts (as we casually lounged by a pool) and a selection of accessories, including Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses along with a rope bracelet, ring and watch to complete the ensemble.

What are your thoughts on my latest look based around the Fiobec T-shirt? I would love to hear your thoughts; let me know via message or even in the comments section below.

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*Partnership with Fioboc / Opinions are my own.


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