Nobis Camden Trench Coat Review

Nobis Camden Trench Coat Review

The classic trench coat is an outerwear essential that every man should have in his arsenal of clothing, something that comes into its own during the winter months. Additionally, the coat is just as useful during those downpour days in the summer when you need to head into the office. For my latest blog post review, I will take a look at the Camden trench coat from fashion brand Nobis.

The brand Nobis was founded 10 years ago in Canada dedicating their collection to help protect against the elements, utilising only the very best materials meanwhile offering a sleek silhouette to ensure you will look fashionably on point.

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Design & Style

The Nobis Camden Trench Coat boasts a classic design which follows the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mantra way of thinking. You could very well imagine the stars of French Noir films rocking this piece – such as Alain Delon in Le Samurai – effortlessly blending into that time period with ease while sitting comfortably bang up to date paired with modern-day outfits. Due to the nature of the coat, it would be more than suitable to pair with smart/casual style dress – a knitted sweater with jeans and boots for example, but for me, the most iconic way to wear a trench coat is over the top of a fitted three-piece suit (as seen in the attached images).

The Nobis coat offers multiple features to justify its top-quality credentials which I have listed here for reference.

  • Notched Lapels
  • Belted Cuffs
  • Front-button closure pockets
  • Epaulettes
  • Back Storm Flap
  • Removal Belt

The coat itself is relatively long, covering almost all of my thighs and sitting comfortably above my knees. Once totally buttoned up, you feel very secure and safe from any untoward elements and also warm, which will be invaluable in the winter months. The jacket has very little in the way of branding, something which I am a big fan of, notably a crest featuring the logo and name attached to the left arm and a much smaller name tag on the right-hand pocket.


The fabric on the trench coat is constructed using a lightweight DP Nylon. This choice of material is very effective in making sure that you don’t feel overwhelmed with a heavyweight on your body, especially as you will be likely pairing it with a batch of other bulky clothing pieces. The material is seam-sealed, waterproof and windproof with a durable water repellent finish, using a mix of 65% cotton and 35% nylon to achieve the final result.

Wearability & Comfort

If your day to day style is spent in the city heading to and from the office, then the Nobis trench coat is an invaluable addition to your wardrobe. Adding that extra touch of sophistication to your suited and booted ensemble. However, that doesn’t mean that if you don’t fall into this category, you are exempt from owning such a beautiful item and in fact the coat can be worn on a typical night out to a restaurant or bar or even during a day trip out if paired suitably with a more casual look. When it comes to comfort, you cannot find any fault, the fabric is soft and easily bends to the shape of your body as you move (even when worn over the top of fitted clothing).

Price & Value For Money

It is fair to say that the Nobis Trench coat holds a high price point; however this positions the brand suitably just above many of its contemporaries. Even though the cost is high, with the high level of production values and unmistakable quality shown throughout from the fabric to the details, then this cost is truly justified and is undoubtedly worth the money.


After wearing the coat a handful of times and examining it thoroughly, I am happy to report that I am suitably impressed with its style and design, level of comfort for daily wear and outstanding level of quality on display. If you are in the market for a new waterproof coat, then I would highly recommend the Nobis Camden Trench Coat.

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*Partnership with Nobis / Opinions are my own.


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