Thomas Bird Eastwood Chelsea Boots Review

Thomas Bird Eastwood Chelsea Boots Review

Chelsea boots have been a staple in men’s fashion since their rise to fame in the 50s and 60s, their simple yet effective design is a footwear item which can easily be paired with smart trousers or more casual denim and still look stylish. For my latest blog post, I will be checking out the Thomas Bird Eastwood Chelsea Boots to find out how they perform in a detailed review.

Thomas Bird first hit the scene in 2015 with their first Italian made footwear collection, backed by a team of experts possessing many years of experience from working with numerous big-name brands within the UK and Europe. The in-house knowledge of design, production and importing was invaluable, motivating them to start up the brand which would focus on style, quality and value. Additionally, the company name was chosen after inspiration from a factory in Northamptonshire, which made shoes in the 1880s.

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Design & Shape

I have owned many pairs of Chelsea boots with various levels of success, one of the largest pitfalls is often down to the overall design, either appearing too bulky or misshaped. During my experiences with different footwear pieces, it is apparent to me that many brands feel they can create a Chelsea boot without too much thought placed into how the final shape will look. Thomas Bird, fortunately, does not fall into this category.

When I first cast my eyes on the boots in real life (as we all know, online imagery can often be tweaked to help sales), I was instantly impressed, initially with the beautiful oxblood colouring! (more on that later) but also with the shape, I have encountered more than enough pairs of boots to be able to judge how they will look when worn just by looking at them straight out of the box. The shape is sleek with a moderately sharp toe area, the perfect middle ground between a rounded toe (which I always find to look cumbersome) and a pointy toe which is an acquired taste. When worn the boots look fantastic from a side profile (can’t help but glance at them when passing mirrored windows), but also critically from a top-down view, that sleek design shining through once more.

Regular readers of my men’s fashion blog will attest to my love of skinny jeans and fitted trousers, so when it comes to Chelsea boots, one of the most important factors to me is the width of the leg opening. Boots which have a too wide shaft can cause a constant strain on daily activities, causing the wearer to continually have to fix the hem of the jeans/trousers. Thanks to my familiarity with countless shoe brands, I know how much of a very common misstep this can be, and I have regularly dismissed good footwear for this reason alone. Thomas Bird has happily avoided this common flaw, designing the boots with a much slimmer opening, once again aiding in that beautiful silhouette.

Switching back towards to the colour – there is no denying that it is glorious burgundy hue, featuring a beautiful burnished toe effect blending from an almost black straight into the red with a patina finish and contrasting black gusset. The overall colouring is suitable for the current Autumn scenery, although you can comfortably wear these all year round. The full-grain leather boasts a quality shiny appearance, gleaming in the brisk November sunshine. Thomas Bird offers the Eastwood boots in a selection of colours, so if oxblood is not your thing, they have options ranging from tan leather, across the spectrum up to grey suede.

Here is a list of the notable design points –

  • High-quality full-grain calf leather uppers
  • Hand-dyed oxblood/dark red patina
  • Full calf leather lining
  • Blake stitched sole with rubber insert
  • 25mm heel
  • Elasticated sides
  • Pull tab

Wearability & Comfort

There is a reason Chelsea boots are so popular, and that is down to the fact that they are so easy to wear. Pairing effortlessly with almost any outfit you can throw at it – smarter looks consisting of trousers (tweed works well) and shirts, blazers or more casual with denim jeans and knits. Additionally, the ability to slip boots on and off with ease without laces to contend with is always a bonus in this fast-paced world.

Next up is the comfort part of the review; to me, this is often a deal-breaker with boots whether they are premium or budget. When you are wearing footwear for an extended period of time, it is paramount that they are kind to your feet. I was naturally cautious when trying on my new boots, but my fears were quickly eliminated even only after my first wear. The Thomas Bird Eastwood Chelsea boots are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I have placed on my feet; even when worn all day, I felt no hint of discomfort (designer brands take note!) which to me is a top-selling point.


Many brands often recommend you size up / down from your usual, which to me can show a problem in the manufacturing process. Thomas Bird gave no such hint on their product page, so I selected my normal size of a UK 8 / EU 42 which was the perfect fit, clarifying my point of how comfortable they are for daily wear.


The box design is subtle yet also effective, crafted using a solid medium grey card design. The box is solid, and can easily sustain some knocks and bumps however still hold its structure. The boots are wrapped within tissue paper to protect them from any rubbing or damage, and a dust bag is included to help with extra storage or transport.

Value For Money

The boots have a price point of £250 which is a substantial amount, especially compared to many high street stores, even so, they sit just below the typical designer footwear price. The quality from Thomas Bird is high calibre, offering superb production quality (as to be expected from boots made in Italy) with a stunning design, plus with proper care, they will undoubtedly last you for many years to come easily justifying the RRP.


If you hadn’t figured it out already, I am a huge fan of my Thomas Bird Eastwood Chelsea boots, surpassing many of the brand’s contemporaries in every category. The shape, fit, level of comfort and the beautiful colouring all point to a premium product which I am only too happy to recommend. Top marks all round!

What do you think about these boots in my latest review? I would be more than happy to hear your thoughts and opinions below!

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