Noose & Monkey Hinton Coat In Light Camel Review

Noose & Monkey Hinton Coat In Light Camel Review

I thought my desire for an overcoat this season had ended with the purchase of my Allsaints Falun Overcoat, fulfilling every possible colour combination and outfit idea. Then, I happened upon the Noose & Monkey Hinton Coat In Light Camel and everything was turned upside down!

I’ve seen the brand more than a few times through various sources, from online retailers to other fashion bloggers. Their advertising campaign also captivated me, seemingly drawing inspiration from the popular TV show Peaky Blinders, albeit with a modern twist. I promised myself that one day I should give the brand a test drive.

During one of my regular online browsing sessions for clothing items I don’t really need, I was casually looking at various tan coats (I’d always liked the idea of one but I never acted upon it, usually just a passing fancy) and came across Noose & Monkey who happened to be in the midst of their seasonal sale. Browsing through their selection of outerwear, I was amazed to find they actually stocked XXS and XS sizes! Even though many brands and stores are starting to stock clothing for the smaller guys, it is still a rare find. Partly because of this discovery, I didn’t hesitate and ordered their smallest size (XXS) and anxiously awaited its arrival!

Opening the parcel, I was greeted with an excellently crafted coat, soft to the touch and nary a thread out of place. Green stitching has been used on the sleeve button area, additionally this same colour is used on a tiny badge placed on the left hand side lapel, both are far too small to be overpowering with their contrasting hue, yet are still a nice touch. The camel colour is a nice medium brown colour, containing just a hint of warmth to create a lovely tan shade. Unbuttoning the coat reveals a vibrant silk lining in bright red featuring the Noose & Monkey Skull logo in a monogram design.

Finally, it came to trying the coat on for the first time. My main worry was the length of the sleeves. I’ve previously mentioned it is a massive pet hate for me when sleeves are just too long and begin to cover the hand, many otherwise well fitting coats have fallen at the last hurdle due to this problem. I already had preconceptions that once again they would be way too long. However, I’m happy to report my fears were unfounded, they are actually perfect! The ends stop where my wrist begins, if anything it’s borderline too short but that can easily be rectified with a quick tug on each sleeve. So far, so good!

The rest of the coat fitted great, just right around the shoulders and chest area. Pulling in slightly at the waist to enable a lovely slim fit and a striking silhouette. It could perhaps be slightly slimmer in the arms, however as it’s winter, wearing a heavy duty sweater will soon rectify this minor problem for me. Looking equally good buttoned up or hanging open, the fit on this overcoat is a sure fire winner.

In summary, I am pleasantly surprised at the fit and also the quality of this coat. What was a spontaneous purchase has turned out to be one of my favourite outerwear pieces, one that I can see me wearing for many seasons to come! My eye has since caught the attention of some of the brands other pieces – their blazers and suit jackets in particular. I can see me adding at least one of them to my wardrobe collection, of course I will then feature them on my men’s fashion blog! Please let me know your opinion on my Noose & Monkey Hinton Camel Overcoat.



  1. Gabriel
    January 30, 2017 / 10:20 pm

    So which size did you ordered?

    • Adam
      January 30, 2017 / 11:36 pm

      I ordered the smallest size, which was XXS.

    • Adam
      February 7, 2017 / 6:39 pm

      Hi Vaishali, glad you liked the post.

    • Adam
      February 7, 2017 / 6:39 pm

      Yeah, I’ve always loved camel, very classic. Thanks!

  2. Dam_Soul
    February 14, 2017 / 9:51 am


    great review…
    I hesitate for almost 2 weeks, and now I want mine!!! 🙂

    On the website the “ADVICE: Select one size larger from your usual size to ensure a perfect fit. For example, if you usually wear a 36″, you should order a 38″.”
    Do you agree with them?

    thank you

    • Adam
      February 14, 2017 / 7:16 pm

      Hey! Glad you liked the review. The website advice for ordering one size up is I believe for their suit jackets and blazers. The Hinton overcoats, I believe you should go for your normal size 🙂 This is what I did, and it provided a perfect fit!

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