Renaissance Ideas For Your Home And Wardrobe

Renaissance Ideas For Your Home And Wardrobe

Renaissance styles in the modern world have recently seen a resurgence in popularity, bringing that legendary ornamental flourish back into fashion and beyond. In my latest article, I take a look at a few items you can add to your home and wardrobe inspired by this bygone era.

The renaissance period is considered to take place between the 14th and 17th centuries, and the style of the time, even to this day, is very recognisable and iconic – cultural, artistic, and political ideas were totally revamped following the middle ages. Unsurprisingly, we are harking back to this time period for inspiration. Please continue reading to check out a few ideas I’ve selected which bring the renaissance era to your front door.

Renaissance Pictures

You could easily spruce up your home with a variety of prints that incorporate images or styles from that period (especially classics from greats like Da Vinci or Michelangelo). If you wanted to add some fun to the otherwise mature themes of the period, then why not combine images of your pets dressed in renaissance outfits which would make for a fantastic talking piece in your living room?

Renaissance Sculptures

Adding sculptures such as busts or statues which are high-quality replicas of the originals, can really liven up your home, often based around statuesque figures in various states of undress or even on important points from religious scriptures.

Renaissance Clothing

Many modern clothing brands have looked at this beautiful time in history, adapted the imagery, and created some truly stand-out fashion pieces. Men’s clothing retailers can be found offering lace-up tunic-style tops or even lace-cuffed shirts for that glamorous vibe.

Alternatively, some streetwear brands create t-shirts and hoodies featuring images of famous renaissance art printed across the fabric (sometimes in a monogram style, covering the entirety of the shirt).

If you have always been a fan of this time, or it is something that has only recently caught your eye, I hope my latest article has given you a few tips on incorporating renaissance pieces into your life.

Image Credit Phix Clothing / Blake Mill


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