5 Places To Visit In Brussels In 2023

5 Places To Visit In Brussels In 2023

If you are looking for an exciting short break to Europe, then you can never go wrong with Brussels. Once your feet hit the ground, you will be awash with the rich culture and history on offer – from 13th-century architecture, beautiful sculptures along the streets, and the infamous comic strip murals (which Belgium is considered the capital).

Must have placed to visit during your stay in Brussels include

1. The Brussels Atomium

The Brussels Atomium is a spectacular work of architecture constructed in 1958, and the very first World Fair event after the end of the second world war. The location is a fantastic place to visit: 102 meters high, and imitates the iron atom structure.

During your visit, you can explore six different spheres, including conference areas, showrooms, exhibition centres, and more! The cream of the crop (sitting at the very top) is a restaurant that allows you to gaze outside and experience a panoramic view of Brussels.

2. The Grand Place

The Grand Place has a timeless beauty that must be experienced to be believed (even more so at night, as the lights glimmer magically). It is located in the centre of Brussels, dating back to the 15th century, and showcases fantastic design work with its vast array of golden ornaments.

The town hall can be found within the Grand Place, exhibiting a gothic feel thanks to the selection of medieval paintings, sculptures, and fantastic building work. Finish off the tour with a visit to the shopping area inside the square, famed for its flower markets and chocolate shops, and would make for some wonderful street-style outfit photos!

3. Manneken Pis

The Makkeken Pis is infamous across the continent, thanks to its history (and some would say humorous design). The name itself translates to “a little man’s pee” and was created by Jerome Duquesnoy during the 15th century. Tourists can also view the vast collection of different outfits (over 900!) worn by the statue throughout its history at the local Garde-Robe Manneken Pis Museum.

4. Comic Strip Murals

Are you interested in a fun (yet educational) way to enjoy art? Then look no further than the comic strip murals created by famous artists, including Frank Pé, Francis Carin, Jeune Albert, and numerous others. Brussels boasts more than fifty comic strip murals that tell the stories of the Belgian people, their culture, and historical events. You can even take part in a Comic Book Route adventure which will teach you more about the art with an in-depth guided tour.

5. Notre Dame Du Sablon

The Notre Dame Du Salon (translated as “Church Of Our Blessed Lady Of The Salon”) is found situated along the Rue De La Régence, situated close to the Royal Museums Of Fine Arts Of Belgium (ideal if you are on a cultural tour of the area). This Roman Catholic Church was built during the 15th century featuring a beautiful compendium of neo-gothic art and decorations.

Hopefully, this list has helped convince you to visit Brussels soon! But don’t forget to enjoy their delicious crispy waffles and arguably the best chocolate in the world!


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