Controller Modz Custom Modded Xbox Series X Controller Review

Controller Modz Custom Modded Xbox Series X Controller Review

I’m a huge gaming fan and understand the importance of an excellent working controller. In my latest review, I will be checking out the Controller Modz Xbox Series X Pad to find out if it ticks all those essential gamer boxes. Carry on reading to find out more.

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I’ve been into video games since I was very young, Dad surprised me with a ZX Spectrum way back in the 80s, and it stuck! (in fact, all of my family members played computer games growing up). Controllers have always been a vital piece of the puzzle; a faulty or inferior controller can cause nothing but pain (especially when a pixel-perfect jump is needed).

I’ve been on camp Xbox since the release of the original console in 2001 (largely thanks to Halo), and I’ve stayed loyal to MS ever since, moving onto the 360 (and becoming an achievement hunter) and then onto the Xbox One as well.

I came across the custom controller brand – Controller Modz (as I was looking for a new model) and was instantly impressed with their collection, both with the unique designs and the additional mod options you can have built into the pad. I will give the accessory a thorough test run in the following review.

Design & Style

The Xbox Series X controller is the latest design from the Microsoft giant (launching with the new gen Series S and X consoles). Its shape and style are a revolutionary step up from the previous models, offering a modern design that is minimal but also appealing to the eye. Controller Modz has gone one step further, using Chameleon Xbox Series X parts to build a solid gaming accessory from the ground up.

Each of their models comes with one of many beautiful designs printed across the pad with a soft touch finish (which feels fantastic on your fingertips); alternatively, you can build your own from the on-site selection of 1 million different pieces available!

I selected the pre-built Plasma design, which offers a beautiful blend of pinks, purples, and blues to offer something truly otherworldly looking! In terms of style, so far, so good!


The Xbox Series X pad is undoubtedly a fantastic controller for your everyday gaming needs; however, Controller Modz has seen fit to include numerous additions to help you on your gaming journey, thanks to the addition of the Razorback Maxfire.

The mod options are most suitable for first-person shooters (such as Call Of Duty, Battlefield, and their ilk); however, they could also be used to great effect in other games.

Full list of additional mod features –

  • Adjustable Rapid Fire – This option will allow you to adjust how many shots per second will be fired, either increasing or decreasing, depending on your preference.
  • Auto Run – With this selected, you no longer need to rely on clicking in the right stick to run, and instead, you can use the stick normally (but your character will still run).
  • Akimbo – You can assign rapid fire to both left and right triggers when dual-wielding in each game.
  • Quick Scope – Using this mode, a single press of the left trigger will zoom using the scope and instantly fire at maximum zoom for accurate sniper shots.
  • Auto Scope – Choose this feature, and the controller will automatically hold your breath (steady your aim) when you zoom in with your scope, ensuring total accuracy before your shot.
  • Burst Mode – This mode allows you to customise how many rounds are fired with each pull of the trigger (up to a maximum of 5)
  • Drop fire – This selection will drop your character to prone when you hit the trigger, allowing you to shoot at your opponent and dodge incoming fire simultaneously.

Controller Modz has also seen fit to include Domin8tor buttons to the pad, allowing your fingers to click and fire faster and smoother thanks to an instant response time (again for an improved gaming experience).


The controller itself is a joy to use, offering perfect button and trigger placement thanks to the original Microsoft design; however, the modded buttons are an upgrade on the original, feeling more responsive and easier to click and fire during a stressful battle! The pad sits in the hands comfortably, with the custom paint job offering a softer texture on the skin, for those late-night gaming sessions.

The modification features are easy enough to select, utilising various d-pad and button presses to turn them on and off in a pinch (the Xbox X light will flash accordingly to alert you). The package came with in-depth instructions on how to turn on each feature. There is also an option to turn off all extras completely, effectively reverting the controller to a vanilla model.

My only slight issue was when playing non-FPS-style games, particularly old-school arcade shoot-em-ups. These types of games often use triggers to shoot along with the d-pad, which occasionally caused me to turn on different mod features during gameplay by accident (in turn, causing me to lose!)

Value For Money

Controllers have shot up in price in recent years, with even the standard Microsoft pad fetching a high price. Controller Modz, to their credit, have kept their costs at a reasonable rate compared to their competitors, especially considering the gorgeous custom prints on offer and the high-quality parts. If you opt for the additional mod options, that is an additional cost too, but overall still great value for money!


If you are looking for a brand new Xbox controller that looks the part, has an excellent roster of features, easy to use, and all at a fantastic price point, then check out the Controller Modz collection! It is highly recommended to cover all of your hardcore gaming needs.

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*Partnership with Controller Modz / Opinions are my own.


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