Saint Laurent Prescription Glasses Review

Saint Laurent Prescription Glasses Review

Designer prescription glasses are an excellent way to extend your personal style to your eyewear, making them a standout accessory for your outfits. In my latest review, I share my thoughts on a pair from the iconic French fashion house – Saint Laurent. Continue reading to find out more!

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Wearing glasses used to be something that was more out of necessity than choice if you had poor eyesight, and the frames on offer were typically functional rather than stylish. The tide has turned in recent years; even the most respected designer brands present their own take on prescription eyewear (the next evolutionary step from the typical sunglasses collection offered by almost every brand).

I have had poor eyesight ever since I was very young, but I refused to wear glasses! So during school, reading off the chalkboard was always a big challenge! But back then, there was almost no choice of cool-looking pairs available, so I dealt with my worsening vision (in fact, I didn’t get my eyes re-tested until I was in my 30s!).

Regular readers will already know that I have a big love for all things Saint Laurent, especially when it comes to footwear, and many have been featured on my men’s fashion blog, such as in my Saint Laurent Wyatt Boots Review. The French designer is synonymous with quality throughout everything they offer, and I’m here to discover if this includes their eyewear collection too.

For the purpose of the review I selected the Saint Laurent SL 345

Design & Shape

Let’s cut to the chase, eyewear created by Saint Laurent will never be anything but desirable in the looks department. The French designer has opted for an almost retro style (you could even picture Michael Caine rocking these in one of his 60s movie classics) with its square shape, and large frame, yet has been brought bang up to date with a clear acetate body that features a hint of beige colouring.

The arms are part transparent and part silver, the latter featuring the branded name laser engraved, which is easy to see without being overpowering. Overall, the design of these glasses is nothing short of stunning (get ready to throw away those prescription basics you’ve been hauling around for years!).


For many years, glasses to improve your sight have often been very boring (partly why I always opted for contact lenses), yet thanks to Saint Laurent, those days are thankfully numbered, and you can finally relish walking around town wearing a pair of specs!

Thanks to their timeless design, the glasses will give you an almost unlimited amount of options when it comes to outfits, such as a suited and booted look (ready to wow at the office!) or even paired with a cosy knitted jumper, jeans, and boots!

Check out the attached worn photos for inspiration. You can see me wearing them with an aviator-style jacket and grey jumper to great effect, the glasses boosting my outfit to the next level (I may even wear them more often when out, rather than always relying on my contact lenses).


Looking closer at the quality on offer with these glasses revealed what I expected, top quality construction throughout. Absolutely no flaws could be seen, and the arms closed smoothly on both sides without any pressure needed. The quality of the lenses with my eye prescription was fantastic, too, improving my vision as intended with zero adverse effects due to the style or shape of the glasses.


Rather than the standard solid glasses case that closes with a snap, SLP offers something much more glamorous. Instead, the glasses came with a beautiful black leather wallet, which folds over, keeping your new eye accessories safe and secure. The leather has a smooth finish, with the name embossed into the material.

Inside the wallet, you will also discover a soft microfibre cloth to keep your glasses nice and clean with a few wipes. Also included is a small black envelope containing the proof of authenticity (after all, designer brands are notoriously counterfeited).

Value For Money

Saint Laurent is one of the most high-priced brands on the market; however, quite surprisingly, the glasses sit at a very reasonable price point, making them affordable for everyone. The cost will ultimately depend on where you shop, but many retailers will be able to strike you a good deal.


If you are in the market for a brand new pair of specs and have grown tired of standard high-street frames, these Saint Laurent SL 345 Prescription Glasses can be just what you are looking for thanks to their undeniable good looks, craftsmanship and superb value for money.

Here is a quick round-up of the pros –

  • Beautifully designer glasses with a retro, timeless style
  • Easy to wear, adding a layer of class to any outfit
  • High-quality construction levels throughout
  • Fantastic packaging, noticeably different from many competitors
  • Competitively priced from a French fashion house

What are your thoughts on these designer glasses from SLP? Are you a fan, or do you have any alternative recommendations? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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