Tailor Store Custom Polo Shirt Review

Tailor Store Custom Polo Shirt Review

How clothes fit when worn is one of the most important aspects of choosing something new for my wardrobe. Tailor Store has based the entirety of their brand around acquiring that perfect fit, offering pieces that are made to measure using a unique and effective system! Read on to find out more!

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Tailor Store have worked their magic in offering a range of tailored clothing at a fraction of the price! In addition, the brand has cut out the need for antiquated methods (such as that outdated measuring tape system!) and replaced them with a smartphone app that does all the hard work for you! On their website, they offer a lovely selection of different pieces – shirts, polos, chinos, and even suits, all available with a vast selection of customisation options at your fingertips.

I picked out a long sleeve polo shirt for the review, so let’s get down to the verdict without further ado!

Using The App

I was asked (very politely) to place the phone on the floor, leaning against a wall, then told to stand back and position my body in line with the on-screen silhouette. Once in position, the photo of my profile was taken and then I had to repeat the process for a side-profile shot; task completed!

In the next step, I was asked to provide a couple of details, height and weight, to ensure a more accurate reading. The photos and information were then stored in my account, ready for me to place my order.

Customisation Process

With my profile photos and measurements stored on my account, I could begin placing my order using either their app or website, with a huge selection available! Once you have picked out your item (in my case, a long sleeve polo in green), you move into the customisation process, starting with the basics like choosing the cut (slim, regular) to more advanced options such as button type or contrasting lapels. The final section even allows you to add your initials, sewn into the shirt – up to three letters with a choice of fonts and colours.

As I was moving through the process, anything altered on my order was instantly updated via the on-screen image of the chosen shirt, so I wasn’t blind to any changes I had made (even the custom text was visible). Overall the whole process was a dream!

Final Product

I opened the parcel and instantly fell in love with the pale green colour of the shirt, gorgeous! The details, chest pocket, buttons and the contrasting colour of initials all screamed out quality. The fabric, too, is super soft, but I expect nothing less when using Pima cotton.

The most critical part is next, the fit. I nervously eased the shirt over my head and onto my torso, and it was perfect! Not too tight yet not too loose, just right a sigh of relief all around. The process from Tailor Store was a success! Even the sleeve and hem length was spot on (something I often struggle with from certain brands on the market).

Finally, it looks great too! A real treat to the eyes! We have a winner!

Value for money

Considering the made to measure aspect, the price point from Tailor Store is excellent! (if you went to a private tailor, you would be expected to pay up to 3 times this amount!). If you, like me, lust for a perfect fit, splurging on purchase from their site is more than worth it!


Top marks from me for Tailor Store – amazing process using the app/website, both for measurements and choosing your shirt, fast shipping, quality end product all wrapped up neatly at a comparatively bargain price! Highly recommended!

*Partnership with Tailor Store / Opinions are my own.

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