The Allsaints Cargo Leather Jacket Review

The Allsaints Cargo Leather Jacket Review

The Allsaints Cargo Leather Jacket has been a regular in their line up for multiple seasons, quite a rarity as the brand usually discards old products in favour of new at every opportunity to keep things fresh. I’ve admired the jacket from afar for some time, so I finally decided to take a closer look and see for myself what all the fuss is about!

Following previous experiences with Allsaints outerwear, I went for the XS size to hopefully accommodate my smaller frame. Additionally thanks to some recommendations, I ordered 3 of the exact same size too (more on that later). Once I received my Cargo leather jacket, I was instantly impressed with the quality. The leather had that quality expensive feel, soft and supple without that plastic look that afflicts so many rival high street leather jackets. Colour wise, despite it clearly being black, it had an almost grey hue in parts due to the pre-distressed design, something I definitely approved of (pure black clothing is quite harsh against my paler complexion).

As I previously mentioned, I chose to order the same jacket 3 times, each had differences from one another. Instantly noticeable was the differences in the lapels of the jacket, 2 were folded down for a shorter style whilst the 3rd boasted a much larger lapel (I was personally more of a fan of this one, but it wasn’t to be the final choice!). The overall distressing was also unique across each item, 2 had more widespread grey tinted sections which gave a greater illusion of depth, whereas the remaining leather jacket in comparison was more of a standard deep black. Nothing truly wrong with that, but on this occasion it was my least favourite of the 3.

Now, for the fit, this is where it becomes more complicated. At first glance and wear they all felt pretty similar, perfect fit in the shoulders, fairly slim in the arms and an almost perfect sleeve length with no overhang onto the hand. Hem length was also pretty good, hitting just below belt level on me. I would prefer a tiny bit shorter, but it’s far from a deal breaker.

However, the reason I ordered multiple was now pretty evident. The first 2 Cargo leather jackets felt and looked ‘big’ around the torso, particularly the chest area. It actually looked visually sloppy, especially if zipped up. The 3rd in contrast was quite different, remarkably so. It almost felt like a different jacket, much slimmer around the chest and sides for a more flattering cut. Needless to say this was the jacket I kept (unfortunately this had the smaller lapels, but for me fit is the most important so that won the battle). I know Allsaints leather jackets are all handmade which means the sizes can vary a lot.

In conclusion, I am finally happy to add the Allsaints Cargo Leather Jacket to my wardrobe and worn for future outfits on my men’s fashion blog. The jacket has a great fit with numerous ways it can be styled, in fact I’ve found myself wearing it more than I ever expected! GQ also have a great article on alternative style ideas for leathers here. However, if you try one but are unsatisfied, do not be deterred! Owe it to yourself to try a few of the jackets in the same size just to be sure. They vary wildly in fit and distressing, so persevere till you’ve found the perfect one for you! You will be happy you did.

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  1. Jake
    September 28, 2017 / 12:59 am

    How tall are you and what shirt and pant size do you wear? Trying to figure out what size I should get. The XS fits really well on your frame.


    • Adam
      September 28, 2017 / 8:52 pm

      Hi Jake, I’m around 5’9″ and usually wear an XS (depends on brand) and 30 ish size in mens jeans.

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