How To Dress Stylish During Exercise

How To Dress Stylish During Exercise

If you enjoy working out and exercising, one factor which often gets overlooked is how to look good during your fitness regime. A heavy workout will undoubtedly cause you to perspire, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress to impress! In my latest blog post article, I will be taking a look at a few items that will ensure you look great during your exercise session. Continue reading to find out more.


The simple tracksuit is one of the first choices for many men to wear during their workout. Pretty much any major sports retailer will stock the very latest tracksuit (even home stores may stock a few!). Tracksuits can come in all shapes, sizes and colours! Many are plain and understated (which is what I would select), yet some gym-goes may want something with a bit of extra razzle dazzle! The added bonus of a stylish tracksuit is that you can wear it to and from the gym without fear that you do not look good.


If you are into your sport, you must stock up on specific items to wear during play. There are dozens of stores allowing you to grab the things you need such as the site (especially if you are into contact sport such as rugby),  which offers everything you need to enjoy your activity (while ensuring that you look stylish!).

Sportswear has attracted bad press over the years and is rarely considered “fashionable”; however, if you buy correctly and accessorise, you can easily look great both on and off the field. Even many high-end designer brands offer sports clothing now and sometimes even feature them on the catwalk.

Take A Towel

During your exercise session, always remember to take a towel with you! If you aim to hit the workout hard, you will undoubtedly begin to sweat, so grab your trusty towel to keep it at a minimum (you can always up your style game by investing in an eye-catching towel). It is always protocol to wipe down any machines and benches you have used after you have finished, too (so another use for that towel). A handy bottle of water is another good tip – keeping you hydrated and refreshed.

Consider Your Colours

You may be exercising, and that is your primary focus, but never forget what colours suit your style, hair colour and complexion. Sportswear, in particular, offers an almost never-ending variety of colours and patterns, so you may get overwhelmed during your shopping trip!

Hopefully, this article has pointed you in the right direction when it comes to looking good at the gym – feel free to leave any extra points, tips or comments below (or even send me a message), and I will be happy to read them.


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