Double Two Valentine’s Day 2023 Outfit Inspiration

Double Two Valentine’s Day 2023 Outfit Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so do you have your outfit ready for the big Day? Ensure you are dressed to impress the lady in your life by reading my latest article, in which I suggest a few different options from the classic formal wear brand – Double Two. Click to continue reading and find out more.

There is no better way to showcase your personal style than with the Double Two brand, which has been around since the 1940s, guaranteeing a timeless elegance to your outfit. Their collection is based on formal wear, with the bulk of their products being shirts (after all, who can resist a guy in a great-fitting shirt?). I have featured multiple pieces in various outfits in the past year, so I can vouch for their quality.

I have selected two items from their current collection, which will certainly tick all the boxes in your partner’s eyes when the 14th of February hits (remember to book that restaurant in advance!).

Double Two Non-Iron Slim Fit Double Cuff White Shirt

I’m starting the ball rolling with a sleek white button-up, undoubtedly the most popular shirt colour, which can be dressed up with a tie (and perhaps worn with a blazer) or worn more casually with the collar worn open (showing off a hint of chest).

This shirt from Double Two is also constructed using pure twill cotton, extra soft to the touch, and non-iron, so it will stay smooth and free of creases for much longer, even when worn! The shirt completes the look with the addition of double cuffs, so you can add a little extra flash with some cufflinks (bonus points if you complement them with a similar coloured tie).

Double Two Non-Iron Slim Fit Double Cuff Pink Shirt

Next up is the pink variant of the white double cuff shirt above, featuring the same high level of construction and super soft twill cotton. Pink has always been a colour in men’s clothing that has split opinions; however, that divide has decreased a lot in recent years, plus formal pink shirts have often dodged the same controversy compared to other types of clothing.

The shade of pink is pale and unobtrusive yet is still striking and adds a little more warmth compared to a classic white shirt (ideal for Valentine’s Day). You can wear this slim-fit shirt smart with a complementary tie and cufflinks (as seen with the red in the photo) or dressed down with an unbuttoned collar and sleeves rolled up.

If you want to look your best on the upcoming big day, then either of these choices from Double Two will guarantee success in the style stakes (although the site stocks a vast range of alternatives for shirts and accessories too). Good luck on Valentine’s Day, guys, and keep it classy.

Check Out The Full Double Two Collection Here

*Partnership with Double Two / Opinions are my own.


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