How To Pack Your Briefcase For A City Break

How To Pack Your Briefcase For A City Break

City breaks are a great way to get away for a few days while still ensuring you are connected to the world. These short trips are unique in that you need only a small amount of luggage compared to a long-haul holiday abroad; a well-stocked briefcase will do the job during your stay in the city. In my latest blog post, I look at how to pack effectively and with all the essentials.

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When it comes to a weekend break in a bustling metropolis, you will undoubtedly need a different selection of items to bring instead of a trip to the beach. It is vital to ensure your chosen briefcase has enough storage space and pockets for all of your necessities, such as the one seen in the accompanying photos, which you can read about in the Oak & Rove Alto Briefcase Review.

Once you have picked out your briefcase, it is time to gather your essentials and begin packing. Continue reading, and you will discover my top important items to take with you and how to pack them safely.


Your laptop is undoubtedly crucial for your time in the city, allowing you to keep on top of business while away from the office. All good briefcases will have a dedicated laptop compartment – in this case, there is an inner section with a closing velcro strap to hold it secure. Alternatively, you can use the smaller external zipper pocket to access your computer in a pinch – usually, wear I store mine!

Mobile Phone

No matter your profession, your smartphone is invaluable (even to the point of booking your trip/tickets), so storing this inside your luggage is vital. However, ensure you can reach it quickly – ideally, slip your phone into a handy sleeve or an outer closable pocket.

Camera & Equipment

Whether you are a photographer by profession or enjoy taking the odd snap, remember to bring your camera with you (after all, photos taken within a beautiful cityscape can look captivating). A spacious briefcase will have a deep body, allowing you to store a large DSLR and a lens or two without any problem (remember to bring your charger, just in case!).

Book or Notebook

Bring along your favourite book for reading during downtime while you are away from home (it can help pass the time during travel), or even just a notebook to jot down any important notes you think of during your break. Thanks to the multitude of pockets, there is plenty of space for a small (A5) notebook, easily stored inside the case or outer sleeve.


If you are bringing along a notebook, it is essential to grab some stationary so you can put pen to paper – you can slide a pen/pencil into one of the handy small cylindrical sleeves.


Due to a briefcase’s classic size and shape, there will likely be a flat pocketed area to safely bring along any important documents that just can’t wait! If you have decided on a total break, swap out those crucial files for the latest magazine to peruse at your leisure.


Glasses (for daywear or reading) are an essential you cannot do without, be sure to slip them inside the bag for easy access. Alternatively, swap the specs for a pair of your favourite sunglasses (especially if your city excursion is during summer, the sun’s glare can bounce heavily off those skyscrapers!).


Depending on where you are headed (perhaps your choice is across the sea), don’t forget your passport; otherwise, you won’t be going anywhere! Pack your personal identification inside your briefcase, secured within one of the many available internal sleeves.


A wallet (for a guy) is an important accessory that is both stylish and functional, allowing you to store all of your debit and credit cards and any cash you are taking along on your trip. If you don’t want to keep it on your person, slip it inside your luggage in the main body (although some smaller wallets may fit into an internal pocket).

Grooming Essentials

Grooming products are a great final choice – fragrance, face wash, moisturiser, and hair products to ensure you look your best while away! Your preferred briefcase should have more than enough space for your daily routine items.

In summary, the top essentials for your trip to the city are –

  • Laptop
  • Mobile Phone
  • Camera
  • Book
  • Stationary
  • Documents
  • Glasses/Sunglasses
  • Passport
  • Wallet
  • Grooming Items

I hope this guide to packing for a city break has given you some valuable tips and tricks! Feel free to add more in the comments section below.

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