How To Look After Your Automatic Watch

How To Look After Your Automatic Watch

Automatic watches are often the final piece to that outfit puzzle, yet they are undoubtedly expensive and therefore need to be treated with care and respect. In my latest article, I check out different ways to look after your prized timepiece.

When it comes to accessorising an outfit, watches can often be the key to lifting your ensemble to the next level. Designs and styles can vary from simple digital varieties all the way up to high-end Swiss automatic mechanical beasts that command a price tag running into the thousands. It is imperative to look after your expensive watch to the best of your ability, ensuring a long life (hopefully, you can pass them on to family members down the line). Continue reading to discover a selection of ways to achieve this goal.

Keep Your Watch Clean

It is only natural that throughout the course of a watch’s life, it will gather dust and grime (no matter how good your intentions are!). Even casual wear will attract specks of dirt, so you must regularly keep your watch clean. You can simply use a damp cloth to remove any excess dirt accumulated in the watch’s grooves (and often around the bracelet area). If you require deeper cleaning, there is a variety of professional cleaning kits available, allowing you to make your beloved accessory look close to brand new!

Insuring Your Watch

Automatic watches are highly-priced, and therefore there is a risk of damage and even theft, so it would be a good idea to make sure you have an insurance plan in place in case the unexpected happens! Select a specialist home insurance so you can enjoy your watch without worrying about bangs or knocks or, worse still, that it may be stolen from your person or home – good insurance can help to remove that fear factor!

Storing Your Watch

Designer watches arrive packaged in sturdy boxes, which look stylish and can be used for storage (and protection). There are alternative options, like watch rolls (for transportation and easy drawer storage) or even professional boxes that offer high-end materials, such as premium leather or suede. If you have a horological obsession and multiple watches, you can opt for boxes that provide storage space for more than one watch.

Alternatively, you can purchase a watch winder that keeps it safe but also constantly in motion (I’m guilty of letting my Omega Aqua Terra sit stationary when not in use, then I have to reset the time before each wear!).

Choose When To Wear Your Watch

It is good sense to be proactive about when to wear your pride and joy and be mindful of terrible weather conditions (even though most Automatics are water-resistant). Events in which you will be very active (to avoid any high-impact danger) and especially places that can be considered risky areas of theft.

Watch Servicing

Finally, it is advised to regularly send off your automatic timepiece back to the brand for a watch service – these are not cheap and can run into the hundreds. However, they will take the watch apart, meticulously clean each component, and replace any that are damaged. The engineers will also fully clean internally and externally and ensure that the mechanism keeps accurate time.


In summary, I hope this guide will help provide you with a checklist of how to look after your self-winding watch effectively, allowing you to enjoy many years of happiness together. What are your thoughts on my latest guide article? Do you already follow some of these rituals, or do you have other suggestions? Feel free to let me know in the comments section.


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