Simple Ways London Residents Can Boost Athletic Performance

Simple Ways London Residents Can Boost Athletic Performance

London is a city that is undoubtedly synonymous with sports and has also hosted the Olympics numerous times in modern history. There is a wide variety of sports catered to in London, from tennis to football, all of which have elevated the capital to a high profile worldwide. It is no secret that athletes are achieving unimaginable feats thanks to recent advancements in technology and training. In my latest post, I look at a few simple ways London residents (and those in cities around the UK and the world) can boost their sporting ability.

Test Out Different Workouts

Traditional exercise is always the primary focus for athletes and those into fitness, which helps build muscle, gain size, increase reaction time and even build mental agility. Functional exercise helps build the foundation needed in this kind of sector. Your body learns from frequent exercise, one benefit is to help prevent muscle-based injuries, but it also will respond to different situations thrown it’s way. NAD+IV therapy London offers a new type of treatment and service which can help your body optimise metabolism and promote the recovery process, which in turn gives better end results after a workout.

One of the best pieces of advice is to learn to mix and match your workouts, including popular activities such as weight training, yoga and cardio sessions. Your body knows to adapt, so throw it a curve ball and allow it to learn from a new type of training and target different muscle groups.

Weight Training

Weight training is the most efficient way to increase muscle mass and strength, helping weight loss and general management (by enchanting your metabolic rate to burn more calories). Bodybuilding will also help your overall quality of life, including your self-confidence and the ability to do daily tasks and even lift heavier items.


Yoga has many health benefits, including increased flexibility, balance and strength. During yoga, holding yourself in a position can improve various factors, such as regular breathing, movement level and enhanced blood flow. According to experts, traditional yoga can lower your stress level and help promote a healthy heart, thanks to improved inflammatory levels. Finally, yoga can go hand in hand with breaking severe conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity.


Cardio is one of those activities that many dread; however, its health benefits are too many to name! Short for cardiovascular activity, this type of fitness regime helps build up your endurance. The process is to perform demanding exercises, increasing your heart rate and causing the maximum amount of calories and fat to be burned away. Regular cardio activity will keep your heart healthy and lower the risk of developing heart problems in later life.

Exercise lowers blood pressure by reducing the bad cholesterol and thus increasing the good levels. Your heart then pumps blood around your body at a more efficient rate, lowering your resting heart rate. As your arteries get bigger, your white blood cells (those responsible for fighting illnesses and viruses) will move through your bloodstream much more quickly.

Create Weekly Cycle Routes

London is a cycling city (like many others); it has much to offer those who are a fan of two wheels instead of four (even e-bikes have many health benefits too!). Thanks to the layout of the city, there are multiple different routes you can use to get around while increasing your activity level. Some of the more popular trails are listed here.

  • Westminster Bridge to Box Hill – This route covers a vast area, taking you from London central to the Surrey Hills, showcasing a variety of scenery, commencing with built-up urban areas and eventually leading to untouched nature.
  • Battersea Park – Situated directly in the middle of central London, this area is ideal for bike riders (as long as you keep at a leisurely pace, so no racing!) and is free from traffic.
  • Putney Bridge To Greenwich – If you want to see beautiful architecture and buildings along your cycling route, this is ideal as you will pass incredible sights, including the houses of parliament and the London Eye.

Track Your Performance

Thanks to modern technology (including our smartphones), there are numerous ways to track your fitness goals and progress. Different devices and apps offer many functions, including tracking distance and counting calories. However, you could also do it the old-fashioned way with a simple pen and paper! One thing is for sure, no matter which way you choose to track, it is essential to ensure your athletic performance improves.

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