Sons Gut Health Supplements Review

Sons Gut Health Supplements Review

The most important item in any outfit is your own body; if you feel good, you will undoubtedly feel better too! As a men’s fashion blog, I often talk about style and clothing recommendations, but today I will be taking a closer look at gut health tablets from Sons, finding out how they can help your daily life with an improved digestive system.

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Sons were founded in 2018 when best friends Will Kennedy and Dr Adrian Gilbane got together and openly discussed their worries and woes of hair loss – aiming to change the world with an affordable and effective anti-hair loss programme. The product they brought to the table has shown a success rate of 94.1%, which is incredible! Their brand has since gone from strength to strength, leading them to launch their online gut health package (which I am reviewing today).

Before I touch base with using the product, I will talk a little more about how a healthy gut can help your overall body in many ways –

Gut Health Factors

  • Immune System – 70% of the immune cells in your body are located in the gut, so it makes perfect sense that we should be protecting that area at all costs! Our good bacteria (microbiome) communicates with our immune system, ensuring our body knows it is safe or whether it needs to fight any onslaught of harmful bacteria.
  • Weight Control – Studies have shown that a healthy gut complements a healthy body weight, bodies with a higher microbiome level (that good bacteria again!) and fibre intake inevitably end up with a much lower level of weight gain.
  • Heart Health – All areas of your body are connected, so it comes to no surprise that the heart is linked, so when your gut regulates fat and cholesterol in your bloodstream, this, in turn, protects your heart from the risk of heart disease.
  • Gut-Brain Axis – The brain and gut are connected via something known as the gut-brain axis; when you feel worried or stressed, your stomach often suffers in a number of ways, such as bloating, gas, or even IBS, so a  healthy intestine can help keep these issues at bay.

After that short lesson in the various ways a healthy gut can aid our body, it is time to move on to the review! Read on for more.


My parcel arrived fast, hitting my doorstep in a small padded envelope. Upon opening the package, I was greeted with a small dark grey cardboard tube, the Sons logo branded along the top with a medical sticker across the reverse. This tube twists open to reveal a plastic container with a locked lid that pops open to access the supplement tablets. The packaging is simple, understated and effective that does the job effectively.

Using The Product

I have taken several supplements before, but nothing like this, so it was something new for me. I was definitely interested in finding out what would change (if anything), but I was a little nervous too! Sons provide you with a four-week course, the recommended length of time to see any positive change in your system. I took each tablet every morning at the same time to ensure repetition with the course.

I do suffer somewhat from issues with my stomach, particularly in the digestive area, so I was more than curious to find out if my daily life would improve using this package! For the first few days, everything was pretty much the status quo; however, things started to change for the better within a short space of time.

After a week, my overall demeanour started to improve, coinciding with the improvements appearing within my body. I began feeling more like my old self in many ways, particularly as I’ve had problems with bloating, amongst other things, for several years (typically, I often avoid certain foods to try and prevent these side effects).

As the weeks progressed, this improvement began to grow and grow, culminating in my general daily wellbeing hitting an all-time high (at least for as long as I can remember!) Before writing this review, I was close to the end of my four-week course, and I have definitely seen a significant improvement in my overall gut health! Of course, these guts tablets are no magical cure, and nothing works overnight, but as a starting point and complementing a healthy lifestyle, I am more than impressed so far. I will be continuing with the course, looking to subscribing for another course or two to see how things progress as time goes on!


In summary, I am more than satisfied with my monthly course on Sons Gut Health Supplements. Arriving packaged discreetly and at a reasonable monthly cost (well under £50) and with the health benefits hitting the body swiftly (which continues to improve), you cannot ask for more; highly recommended!

What are your thoughts on my latest review? Would you be looking to try out the course! Let me know in the comments section below.

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*Partnership with Sons / Opinions are my own.


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