How To Wear Pink For Men

How To Wear Pink For Men

Pink clothing for men has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, gentlemen from all walks of life now own at least one item of clothing fashioned out of this hue. Even so, a large portion of the male population stumbles when attempting to style something pink. For my latest blog post, I have thrown together a casual look in which I showcase how to wear this infamously challenging colour.

As mentioned, the colour pink has ridden through a battlefield of negativity in the fashion world before reaching the current level of acceptability (even if there is still a hint of a stigma attached). Once upon a time, it was only the female population who endeavoured to wear pink out in public. From birth, it was always long accepted that boys wore blue and girls wore pink, indoctrinated into the belief that each gender must conform and follow this dated fashion trend. Certainly, this historical mindset was one of the main contributing factors into why pink was inevitably banished from men’s wear, the brave males that dared to wear it were undoubtedly ridiculed for doing so.

Fast forward to post-millennium and pink has finally reached a point where it is more or less accepted in a man’s wardrobe. However, many men still refuse to wear it, not because of any negative connotations, but because it is uncommon ground for them in how to style it effectively.

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Pink is typically a softer colour (with a few exceptions) and is best paired with tones based around a basic palette. For lighter pinks opt for whites and greys for a complementary effect to your outfit, pastel shades are an option if you are feeling confident, but I would advise sticking to pinks, reds and purples. For more vibrant and dark pinks, I would recommend to keep it simple, as with the lighter variant, I would choose greys but also blacks, the latter in particular gives off a striking contrasting look to your ensemble.

If you are feeling adventurous, hunt out some matching pink accessories for your outfit. Baseball caps are always a good choice, but matching shoes and sneakers can work too (fun fact – I always dreamed of owning a pair of pink trainers when I was a kid, I guess I was way ahead of my time!). If the sun is out, go for a pair of cool sunglasses (such as aviators like those from the Ray-Ban brand) with a pinkish tint in the lenses, this will bolster the overall look and convey how truly confident you are wearing pink to everyone you meet.


For my pink outfit, I went one step further with a layering effect with my colour choices, something that you can consider when trying out this colour for yourself. First up is my Alpha Industries Dusty Pink Bomber Jacket, one of the more slimline VF 59 models which in my opinion looks better in real-world street style conditions compared to the more common padded and bulky designs. Worn underneath the jacket is a slightly paler washed pink effect Only & Sons Oversized T-Shirt, which adds some depth with the mismatched pink hues. I am growing accustomed to the relaxed styles which are populating the stores at the moment, I initially kept my distance as I prefer a fitted look, but the trend is slowly drawing me in!

Pairing against the jacket and shirts bold pop of colour, I decided on some dark denim with my GRLFRND Black Skinny Jeans with knee rips (recently dethroned as my favourites by a plain washed black pair, yet they are still a key piece in my wardrobe). Adidas Yeezy Static Sneakers were the ideal choice of shoes to match with the overall urban look I was portraying with the rest of my outfit. I am currently looking forward to the new styles that have been teased in the coming year.

I finished the look with some additional accessories and jewellery, necklace and bracelet by Emanuele Bicocchi (my new found love!) and my Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Automatic Watch. These pieces fabricated out of silver and steel respectively stood out against the backdrop of pink and black and added a nice finishing touch.

Here is a quick roundup of tips to wearing pink

  • Wear complimentary colours to pink, similar tones or even pastels.
  • Add a contrasting colour like black, so you don’t look washed out.
  • Casual street wear is easier to wear with pink, but pink suits can look effective.
  • Add black or silver accessories to break up all the bright colours.


Before we left our home, the weather was forecast to be dull and cloudy (ideal for this outfit), but this is always liable to change living in the UK. Our fears came to fruition during the shoot; we fell into an ambush from random bouts of unpredictable rainfall. Thankfully we were able to take shelter beneath a well-covered doorway till it passed. For the shoot, we came across this little known industrial style section of the city, along the backstreets of a hotel, ideally suited to my streetwear combination.

What do you think of my latest look? Are you a fan of pink fashion and already regularly wear it? Or is it a colour you tend to avoid? Please let me know your thoughts!



    • Adam
      June 8, 2019 / 2:24 pm

      Thanks Radi, I am a big fan of pink on men, I kept this jacket packed away for too long! Need to wear it more often!

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