Pink And Grey Street Style Outfit

Pink And Grey Street Style Outfit

For my new outfit on my men’s style blog, I have picked out two of my favourite colours and combined them – pink and grey. Read on for more!

Despite the negative connotations in the past regarding men and pink clothing, I have always been a fan! Even when I was a child, I always yearned for a pair of pink shoes! (fortunately, years later I acquired a beautiful pair of men’s pink sneakers from Saint Laurent). Pink is thankfully now widely accepted by most men in the fashion world and is just as common as standard wardrobe colours like black and navy. Likewise, with grey, it has always been a men’s wardrobe staple, but when I was younger, it was nigh on impossible to get hold of grey denim. The only option was to wash the hell out of a pair of black jeans and hope for the best, but it would never be truly grey (especially compared to some of the beautiful washes available now). But as you can see, I decided to pair these two colours together for my latest ensemble, sticking it to the limited fashion choices of my past in the process!

The pink sweatshirt is from ASOS and features a particularly unique towelling type of fabric running across the chest (almost in a colour block design, albeit minus the different shades). I was under the assumption I would be sending it back, but I inevitably kept it (quite obviously as it is in the photos!). For my jeans, it was naturally down to J Brand to save the day with my beloved pair of Dove Grey women’s skinny jeans. The shoes are another new addition to my collection, a pair of Adidas Yung 1 which have a hint of the dad sneakers trend in their design, super comfortable too! I completed the look with a light grey New Era Baseball Cap which complemented against the grey denim for a cohesive appearance.

For my choice of location for the shoot, it was nothing too fancy. We were walking around the City Of Bath hoping for something unique; unfortunately there was nothing which seemed to gel with my current look. In the end, we made do with this slight incline of a road (I hesitate even to call it a hill). However, because of the colours in my clothing pieces, it still seemed to work ok, and I appear to pop off the page against the simplistic background.

Are you a fan of the mixing of these two colour choices of pink and grey? Would you wear them, or would you have something different in mind? Please let me know in the comments section.

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