Winter Street Styling With Geox

Winter Street Styling With Geox

Time to start the new year for with another outfit post – this time based around a street style utilising the urban backdrop of a train station.

Before we begin, let me wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful time and have big plans for the future!

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My latest outfit combines a street vibe with a twist of cold-weather layering at its base (a necessity during the current cold spell in the UK!). The main focus is undoubtedly the Geox Tyren Man Jacket
, finished in solid black with a camo style print. It features numerous zips and pockets and even a hood, ensuring the wearer has more than enough sections and compartments for even the longest of journeys. It is warm too, once on you don’t feel even a hint of a breeze or a chill. Typically a coat which is feature-packed doesn’t have the style to match; fortunately, this jacket can still hold its own in the fashion stakes.

The shoes are also from Geox, showcasing just one of the many variations the brand has on offer (their footwear range is extensive). The Ottaya Man Sneakers are structured using a combination of leather and synthetic materials consisting of a beige and navy contrasting finish. Exceptionally comfortable to wear with a cushioned lining which also gives you a slight buoyancy effect as you walk.

I completed the overall look with a pair of Nudie Skinny Lin Washed Black Jeans as not to detract from the other pieces, yet still, maintain a sleek silhouette. To finish, I included my signature jewellery accessories with a number of rings, bracelets and my Omega Aqua Terra Automatic Watch, which have been featured on my men’s fashion blog many times in the past.


As mentioned in the introduction, the background for these images was a train station. I originally planned to use the surrounding area, but the weather was not on our side, and the rain was nonstop and heavy. Using the undercover section of the station came into being through necessity rather than any prior planning – however, I feel that they added to the overall look of the urban outfit, one of those ‘everything happens for a reason’ scenarios!

What are your thoughts on this look? I would be interested in finding out!

*Partnership with Geox through Instagram (Blog post content unrelated to the collaboration / Opinions are my own).



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