Tuxedo And Overcoat Outfit Ensemble

Tuxedo And Overcoat Outfit Ensemble

Sometimes we need to forgo our beloved casual clothing (hoodies and skinny jeans, I’m at looking at you!) and go all out and dress up every once in a while. For my latest post, I did just that with a complete tuxedo ensemble. Read on for more!

It’s not very often that the average guy (did you see what I did there?) needs to wear a tux, after all even the high fliers of Hollywood only wear them to infrequent events. Although this type of outfit is not something that a man regularly needs, on those occasions when it is called for, then you need to do it right. Make sure the suit has a perfect fit with a flattering silhouette, but if that is not 100% possible then you can camouflage any fit issues with the use of an overcoat (as I have done). The coat can be Slung across your shoulders, allowing the long fabric to drape either side of you, covering up any problematic areas. Once you are inside the event (typically bathed in a darker light), you can safely remove the coat and not worry about any ill-fitting problems.


My outfit consists of a tuxedo-style suit from House Of Cavani which has a lovely design, albeit a little loose in my arms (hence the need for the coat), but your own mileage will vary as off the peg suiting is never an exact science!
The coat is from AllSaints and has been in my collection for some years, unfortunately no longer available. You may be able to hunt one down on the 2nd hand market or via an outlet; the style name is – Falun if you fancy your chances! The overcoat boasts a unique feature of a slightly darker undercoat section for built-in layering (including its own set of buttons!)

Footwear wise, I picked out a pair of lace-up brogues which were also from House Of Cavani, the solid black colouring pairing easily with the rest of the outfit.


I used one of the local hotels as a backdrop for my outfit, complementing the tuxedo style admirably. The hotel is one of the higher-end establishments in the area, so as you can imagine, this is not the first time I have made use of its architecture!

What do you think of my latest formal wear outfit? Is it something you want to see more of on my men’s fashion blog? Alternatively, would you prefer to see more of my casual looks?


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