Adidas I-5923 Iniki Runner Sneakers

Adidas I-5923 Iniki Runner Sneakers

I’m always on the lookout for the next pair of shoes to add to my collection, today I came across this stunning pair of Adidas sneakers which will be a perfect addition! Keep reading to find out more!

I was casually perusing through Instagram when by chance I came across these Adidas Sneakers in luxurious brown and tan colouring! Unfortunately, the owner of the account failed to mention their name … however, they did at least have the foresight to tag in the account from which they took the photo. So following the breadcrumb trail, I managed to locate the original page which first posted the image, luckily they mentioned the name – Adidas I-5923 Iniki Runner Sneakers. Let us rejoice!

This pair of Adidas seem to have fallen into a slightly higher price bracket compared to the majority of their range, no doubt because the German brand knows they are onto a winner! Their subtle details and muted tones of mesa, white and gum ensure they are the perfect pair of trainers to match with nearly any outfit (whilst providing a comfortable experience!). Now I have discovered these sneakers, it will only be a matter of time till I add them to my collection!

Please let me know what you think of this new release from Adidas in the comments below.





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