The Benefits Of Designer Sneakers

The Benefits Of Designer Sneakers

Designer shoes raised the stakes in casual footwear for men, banishing the misconception that sporty shoes must look loud and garish! Instead, premium sneakers began a trend of offering shoes that are typically understated but also fashionable. In my latest blog post, I look at the various benefits of designer sneakers.

As a lover of all things fashion, it is no surprise that I have a vast amount of different shoes, and my trainer collection is no slouch either (although I am no sneaker-head yet!). I own a selection of sporty brands (Adidas, Nike, etc.) and some premium pairs for those exceptional affairs. Despite the high price point of catwalk brands, their pieces hold an allure that the high street cannot match, which also rings true for their footwear.

Sleek Shape

Before designer brands began to dip their toes into the sneaker market, most trainers were big chunky beasts covered in branding and bold colours, yet this would change for the better when a vast array of sleek, low-profile designers hit the stores (arguably, Common Projects led the way with this simple classic style – reviewed here). The shape works well with several looks; one of my favourites is turned-up skinny jeans (showing the ankle), conveying a stylish silhouette (however, wearing invisible socks for this outfit is essential to keep the aesthetic suitably minimalistic).

High Quality

The production levels of designer footwear are second to none, and once you have experienced premium sneakers, you will see the difference between them and high-street trainers is night and day. High-end footwear features no unsightly rubber or defects (unlike their cheaper counterparts). The packaging, too, is one area that stands out for expensive shoes – sturdy, clean boxes are provided with soft tissue inside to protect the contents, and dust bags (often two, one for each shoe) are included as well.

Timeless Design

The simple construction many designers use for their sneaker collections provides the added benefit they will never go out of style, and there is no trend to fade. I am still rocking my Saint Laurent Sneakers well over five years after the purchase; they are still going strong (the brand still sells similar variations of the same model – check here), and I plan to wear them for many more years to come.

Easy To Wear

Finally, designer sneakers are easy to wear as they will pair with almost any outfit you care to throw on – from the standard casual getup of jeans and a t-shirt or seasonal jumper to a full three-piece suit which can benefit from a pair of low-profile white sneakers for a super cool and modern look! Whatever you choose to wear that day, your trusty pair of Italian trainers will be there to upgrade your style stakes.


With these handy tips, you will soon be adding more designer sneakers to your wardrobe thanks to their attractive shape, desirable quality, easy-to-wear capacity, and flair that will never go out of style! Did you find this new blog post guide helpful? Would you like to see more content like this? Let me know your thoughts below.


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