The Burberry Field Sneakers



The Burberry Field Sneakers

When it comes to mens footwear, especially trainers, or sneakers as they are more commonly referred to nowadays, there is always a vast amount of choice to choose from. Negotiating through the endless flak to find the gems can be a very daunting task, notably when it’s your first venture into shoes from designer labels. 

On a recent trip through London, I came across one such pair of sneakers that stood out from the crowd, The Burberry Field Sneaker. I was quite surprised to find these in their flagship store, having only really associated the Burberry brand with more smarter clothing, personally being a fan of their iconic trench coats and world famous scarves.

They toe the line between sports shoe and casual sneaker perfectly, nice and sleek with fantastic designed panelling in a supple suede leather with very subtle branding, only the metal clasp below the laces gives it away that they are a Burberry sneaker. Featuring a mesh design along the side exterior, a useful addition, I think you’ll agree, in helping your feet breathe on those long days out!

When picking your colour type in the Burberry Field Sneaker, there is a large selection available, either choose from classic colours such as white, black or browns or the more unique colour block styles, with each pair having at least 2 to 3 colours adorning the shoe. My personal favourites from the collection are the Bright Rowenberry red, perfect to lighten up those upcoming winter months for their stunning vibrancy. My runner up is the Greystone, a much more neutral design in brown and greys, an everyday pair, matching any outfit you throw on.

Usually I’m drawn to high tops when it comes to casual footwear, but these beautiful Field Sneakers from Burberry have definitely turned my head. I will definitely be looking to add a pair to my footwear collection soon, also keeping an eye out for any new colour schemes they release next season. The Burberry Field Sneakers are available now either in store or online by clicking here and here.








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