PanzerGlass Screen Protector Collection Review

PanzerGlass Screen Protector Collection Review

We live in a time when technology is widespread throughout everything we do and is continually enriching our lives; however, it is our duty to look after our beloved pieces of kit. Without warning, they risk damage or are at risk from the onscreen information receiving unsolicited viewings from strangers eyes. The brand PanzerGlass is at the forefront of advancement in this department and is the reason I am focusing my latest review on their range of products.

The PanzerGlass brand launched in 2013 thanks to an overwhelming need for quality screen protectors for phones and tablets (the industry is awash with 2nd rate products which often do more damage than good!). Fast forward to 2020, and the company boasts having a global reach throughout 63 different markets around the world. PanzerGlass offer items to protect nearly any device you can think of, including – smartphones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches and even in-car displays.

For the following review, I will be taking a look at a selection of their top-selling products, continue reading to find out more!

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PanzerGlass With Camslider Screen Protector (iPhone XS)

First up is one of the brands top products, namely a screen cover which helps protect the device from damage such as bumps and scratches but also uniquely ensures your screen is shielded from anyone trying to view the screen of your phone. Thanks to the in-built confidentiality filter, it allows only the user to view the screen as they will be looking at it directly face on, if you pan your head slightly to the side the screen will begin to go dark till it appears completely black. In this day and age of identity theft, it is an invaluable tool when protecting yourself online. Additionally, the protector includes a built-in camera cover, which smoothly slides across to stop the camera viewing/recording you in secret (some apps have been known to do this and many people do not trust the phone companies themselves).

The protector fits easily onto the device of your screen, with very little in the way of air bubbles – even if you do unfortunately have a few show up, it is easy enough to push them out when fitting. When using your phone once installed, I found no limitations with touch and the phone screen worked 100% exactly as it should. Additionally, the product boasts a strong level of protection – allowing your phone to receive a high level of impact and deep scratches and be totally protected against this kind of onslaught.

PanzerGlass ClearCase (iPhone XS)

PanzerGlass also offers a variety of phone cases to protect the body of your technological pride and joy from any drops and falls. Even the most careful of smartphone owner can remark of numerous occasions when their device slipped out of their hand and hit the ground. This range of high-quality cases is created using a honeycomb frame, ensuring an even stronger construction.

As to be expected, the case fitted onto the phone easily and was snug without being too tight. The holes along the edge of the case are a perfect fit, allowing total access to all of the buttons on your phone (it is worth mentioning that I have encountered numerous issues with budget cases with the buttons and holes misaligned, causing endless headaches during use!). The case is available with a clear or black rim effect, depending on your taste.

SPRAY Twice A Day

With all that is going on in the world, this type of tool is invaluable, allowing you to spray and clean your device screen on the go (be it a smartphone, tablet or even your glasses!). The contents of the spray (developed closely with the Danish Technological Institute) is mostly water-based including only ingredients which are used regularly in hygiene and cosmetic products. It is a very delicate cleaner, containing no perfumes, ammonia, parabens or any alcohol. Omitting the alcohol from the contents ensures that the oleophobic layer of your phone’s screen will not be worn down over time, increasing it’s longevity no matter how often you wipe it down with the cleaner spray.

I found the spray incredibly easy during travel, allowing my worries of the screen carrying unwanted germs (along with grease and dirt) to be eliminated with ease. The bottle and spray are of the smaller size, so can be easily slipped into a bag. Additionally, there is a bundle pack available which also includes a much smaller 30ml bottle (compared to the main 100ml), so it can be slipped into a pocket for easy carrying.

PanzerGlass MacBook 13inch Dual Privacy Filter

The MacBook filter offers advanced technology (akin to the PanzerGlass iPhone Screen Protector) defending your screen from being viewed by anyone other than the user, or those who are facing directly onto the screen. The privacy filter is an invaluable tool when working on your laptop, particularly away from the safety of home – during travel on a train or even other public places such as a coffee shop or restaurant. It also includes an in-built camera cover, again stopping any unscrupulous activity in which your camera could be activated remotely and record your actions.
Additionally, the filter reduces blue light exposure (in which extended exposure can cause retinal damage) and the added benefit of an anti-glare coating (reducing light reflections), ideal when the screen is in direct sunlight.

The filter is applied to your laptop screen so easily; I thought I must be missing something! The filter is non-permanent, so you can apply and remove at your leisure, as many times as you require. You simply place the filter in position against your screen, and it sticks, you then just peel it away to remove. Once you have finished using the filter, it can be inserted safely into the accompanying leather sleek for safekeeping.


In conclusion, this range of flagship products from PanzerGlass has ticked all the boxes for me when it comes to protection along with the added benefits of privacy control which is an invaluable asset in today’s world. I highly recommend checking out their collection and seeing for yourself their superb selection! What are your thoughts of the PanzerGlass brand and their items? Let me know in the comments section!

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