SkeletonHD Gift Set Review

SkeletonHD Gift Set Review

Gift ideas for men are often simple affairs such as socks, fragrances or sometimes a leather accessory – instead, why not treat the man in your life to a piece of jewellery in a gift box? SkeletonHD offers just this type of item in their collection! Read on to find out more.

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Regular readers will remember that I have featured the brand on my blog multiple times (check here for the previous review) to much fanfare from myself! The brand is based in New York yet operates a design studio in Canada, undoubtedly guaranteeing you will receive a quality product.

For the purpose of this review, I will be focusing on their gift sets and finding out if they are value for money (particularly with the holiday season just around the corner!).

Style & Design

The collection of bracelets available from SkeletonHD is exemplary, offering a range of different designs, colours and stones. Almost all of their pieces feature a skull design in some way (as to be expected considering the brand name), crafted in either black, gold or silver, but this adds to that edgy aesthetic. Time sure flies, it was over four years ago when I reviewed the Outlaws Silver Twin Skull Bracelet, and it is still in a beautiful perfect condition, no doubt thanks to the high-quality production values on offer.

Wearability & Comfort

The bracelets on offer are incredibly comfortable to wear (I wear mine on a regular basis) without any discomfort or irritation on the wrist. Thanks to the industrial-grade bands within the beads, slipping the bracelets on or off is also no issue with no fear of them snapping (unlike cheaper alternatives). Thanks to the subtle yet effective design, you can easily wear the accessories casually or more formally if necessary, particularly when paired with a smart-looking watch.


As I am reviewing the gift sets, the quality of the packaging is crucial; fortunately, there are zero complaints in this department. The boxes are bathed in glorious solid black, soft to touch material with a fantastic magnetic lid closure. As soon as you lay eyes on it, you know it is a luxury product that makes a perfect gift.

The bracelet(s) sit safely and securely within the confines of the box, ensuring they arrive at your door in flawless condition. The packages will also sit with pride and place, either alongside similar gift sets or even alone on your desk.

Value For Money

The quality of the SkeletonHD range is second to none, so when it comes to looking at their price point, it certainly offers good value! Incidentally, I managed to grab a sneak peek at the brand’s sales! The price reduction on some of their best sellers is something to keep an eye on!

The company sales give us an insight into how good their range is – Over 70% of their new customers come back and make a new purchase within 60 days, combined with a 90%+ repeat customer rate that is equally telling. Additionally the parcels ship worldwide from USA and Canada, which will ensure a pretty swift delivery time too!

It is worth noting that the brand is 100% legitimate; many counterfeit brands are out there trying to profit off their success! SkeletonHD also has a strong social media following with over 150 thousand on Instagram alone!


Thanks to my previous experience with the SkeletonHD brand on my men’s fashion blog, I went into this review expecting top marks once more (and I was thankfully proved correct!). Quality products, excellent levels of comfort, beautiful packaging (ideal for gifts) and an excellent price point. Highly recommended!

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*Partnership with SkeletonHD / Opinions are my own.


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