Arterton Signature Waxed Cotton Garment Bag Review

Arterton Signature Waxed Garment Bag Garment Bag Review

Suit bags are among those fashion accessories often taken for granted, yet we are regularly disappointed with the quality and short life they possess. Fortunately, men’s brand Arterton has entered the fray, offering extremely high-end garment bags for travel and storage and hopefully bringing about the demise of budget equivalents. In my latest article, I will be taking a closer look at this best selling item in their collection.

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If you are a man obsessed with clothes, then it seems likely you have gathered more than a handful of suits and blazers on your fashionable journey, and with it, those freebie suit bags which leave a little to be desired in the quality department! More often than not, they are a flimsy fabric that tears and rips at the slightest amount of pulling and pressure, which, when travelling, is inevitable. You just learn to accept that it is a throwaway item that needs to be regularly replaced. This is where Arterton comes in with their premium suit bag (or garment bag as they label it), which is undoubtedly something of a much higher level of quality.

The Arterton brand is British based, producing quality products for sartorial enthusiasts, which is their primary focus (although they still sell premium shoes and boots on their website). Arterton has been featured on a number of media articles, including Style Forum and the upcoming March 2022 British GQ issue. Some of the top Savile Row houses in London even stock and supply their garment bags, adding extra weight to how well they are regarded in the fashion world.

Style & Design

Unwrapping the garment bag, you will be undoubtedly impressed with the overall quality in front of you, especially after being subjected to otherwise basic suit bags. The fabric is crafted using the very best 12oz double waxed cotton, which has also been coated in natural paraffin oil to protect its outer layer. Because of how it is made and the choice of material, it will age beautifully throughout its life, giving it that unbeatable vintage appearance.

The metal hardware is bathed in gold colouring, contrasting against the canvas perfectly, particularly the brown. Meanwhile, the trimmings are made using 100% genuine leather. Atherton offers four different colour options to suit your taste – chocolate brown, forest green, navy and Cambridge red. I picked the brown colour as it fits into my colour palette of choice (Autumn is always my favourite season!).

During your commute will surely have on-lookers envious of your precious cargo, especially those with an eye for fashion! Lugging those flimsy plastic suit bags up and down the country will be all but a forgettable bad dream!

Additional extra –

Bridle Leather Travel Handle

Atherton offers the bridle handle as an additional extra, which attaches to the top of the garment bag to allow for an easier time when travelling (plus helps avoid wrinkling). The device connects to the hanger using a simple clip attachment. It is available in both saddlery brown and racing green and looks the part when attached.


If you have used a suit/garment bag in the past, you know what to expect, although naturally, there are differences and many improvements over traditional (throwaway) bags.

There are two zippers on the bag’s front side, one in the middle and one to the left (when facing), and both pull open and closed for the entire length of the bag. Once closed at the top (with a handy velcro panel to ensure it is held shut), there is a small leather pulley, allowing you to ‘unzip’ the bag without trying to hunt for a fiddly little zip!

Once your item of clothing is safely secured inside, you can carry/store it at full length or fold it upwards in half. Once the bag has been split, you can connect both ends together by slipping the top of the hanger through the leather handles. If you invested in the bridle travel handle, you clip it together, holding everything in place for extra security.


The parcel arrived safe and secure in a sturdy shipping box; the product inside was safely wrapped in black tissue paper, ensuring the fabric bag arrived as expected with no unsightly scuffs or scratches.

Value For Money

You pay for what you get in this world, especially when it comes to fashion and accessories such as suit bags are no different.

After all, if you have a bespoke suit (which can cost in the hundreds or even thousands), then it is imperative that you carry and store it with care and safety; the garment bag price point should reflect this. That said, even if you have moderately priced suits, blazers or coats, you want to keep them well protected.

The Arterton garment bags are definitely priced at a premium; however, the RRP is more than justified when you think of the years of value at your fingertips.


My experience with my first Arterton product has been wonderful; the garment bag is everything you could wish for – style, quality, craftsmanship and a great price. I cannot wait to try out more of their items in the future! If you are looking for a premium suit bag, you need not look any further; highly recommended.

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*Partnership with Arterton London / Opinions are my own.


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