Instagram Round Up Spring Summer 2019

Instagram Round Up Spring Summer 2019

It seems like forever since I last posted a round-up of my Instagram posts on my men’s fashion blog, today is the day to rectify this oversight and finally publish a collection of images from the last few months! Read on to find out more.

Far from updating every month (which was my original plan when I started doing the IG round-up posts), it turns out I haven’t posted one since way back in April! Going forward, I need to plan and schedule them so as not to forget.

In the months since May till the end of July, there has been a wide variety of different outfits. Beige colours have been a big part of my recent ensembles such as with my Forage hooded sweatshirt outfit, in fact, I posted the complete look on my blog – click here. This sandy trend continued to formal wear, as demonstrated with my River Island beige pinstripe suit which I wore in Bristol (I do plan on publishing this smarter style in a dedicated post, excited to showcase the accompanying shoes in closer detail).

Another outfit which made the cut with a unique featured blog post was the pink bomber jacket getup which is viewable here. One of the highlights was also in May, in which Lorna and I completed a photoshoot with Digby Edgley from ‘Made In Chelsea‘ and managed to snap some images of us both wearing casual clothing sitting on some steps (one shot was fortunately caught during a joke between the to of us, which looks very natural). Once we hit June, summer vibes began to appear in my outfit posts, particularly those that were at the beach during our visit to Lyme Regis, as well as in the surrounding area.

Finally, in terms of collaboration posts, you can see my Clive Christian Perfume post as well as the cool exclusive blogger gift box from Gillette (can be viewed in greater detail inside the Gillette Subscription Package Review).

Overall it has been a hectic few months since I last updated on my IG content, in future I will try and do these posts more regularly! Do you like these type of posts, where you can see my best Instagram posts together all in one go? Please let me know!


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