Fun Ways To Grow Your Friendship Group

Fun Ways To Grow Your Friendship Group

One surprising fact is that almost half of adults find it challenging to make new acquaintances; however, they would almost certainly make the time and effort to expand their social circle if given the means to make it happen. Undoubtedly, trying to widen your friend groups as an adult can be a daunting task. My latest article looks at different and fun ways to gain new friends.

As you grow, there is always the overwhelming pressure to act and behave like everyone else and be friendly to everyone you meet. Despite this, you realise that some individuals you meet will instantly connect, and you will form a deep connection, whereas others are the opposite, and at best, you will greet them in passing. Humans are ultimately social creatures, and in daily life, you never know when you will meet someone new who piques your interest. If you want to build up your friends group, the best way forward is to put yourself out there and away from your regular routine, try new things and see what happens!

Fortunately, when it comes to expanding your social circle, it is a much easier task for men. On occasion, you may see a woman accompanied by a male escort out for dinner or an event which is something that is rarely associated with men. It will undoubtedly be a nerve-racking experience to leave your close-knit group of friends and family and reach out to new people, but it is worth considering. Continue reading to find out a few different and fun ways to find new friends.

Join A Club

There are lots of different clubs or organisations you could join and get involved in, either for activities you already enjoy or something totally new that you want to try out! One of the most obvious would be a sport (which is a great way to bond as a team), learning a new skill (with like-minded individuals) or even volunteering in a group. You could also join a local book club and meet new people with the same interest, thus allowing you to discover new authors or even entirely different genres. If sports and activities are your bag, you can gain friends by joining a team with the added advantage of staying fit and healthy!

Attend Workshops

Similar to joining a club, attending a workshop can have the same benefits when it comes to increasing your social circle. Cooking classes would be a great way to improve your culinary skills, discover different techniques, and share with those in the class; you can learn new tricks from others, too (and hopefully gain new friends in the process!). If you have an artistic passion, you could attend pottery or art classes and unleash your inner creativity.

Organise A Get-together

If you regard yourself as good at something that you feel you can share with others, consider organising (and maybe even hosting!) a get-together. Some possibilities include writing, finances, life goals, public speaking or even real-estate tips. In our modern era, many online sites can help you organise social gatherings from home or via your phone. These events can allow you to demonstrate your knowledge to a targeted audience, bringing individuals together with similar interests (potentially gaining new friends in the process!).

Get Involved In Community Facebook Groups

Thanks to the online world, there are additional ways to gain friends, such as joining a Facebook group which can be a simple yet effective way to increase your social circle with minimal effort! There are hundreds of different groups to join, including those for sports lovers, music fans, movie buffs and more!

Reach Out To People

Make people feel special by reaching out; they will witness you have given them some thought and will think fondly of you in return. You can easily do this via a simple text message or even social media (Facebook / Instagram) to ask how they are, or even go one further and share a cool article or send them a funny image or a meme. This way, you can plant a seed of your connection goals, and soon they will sprout into much bigger things. One simple like or comment online can spark up a big conversation!

Become An Active Listener

One of the best ways to attract others is by having a giving mindset in place – if you are around a would-be friend, try to pay special attention to what they are saying and then put yourself in their shoes. Always be open to hearing others’ perspectives on different things but also be willing to offer your own guidance and insight when necessary. Remember to focus on the philosophy of giving and receiving; if people believe you only care about yourself, then it is unlikely a friendship will form.

Two options exist to convey a selfless character trait – give your honest opinion on their stories but only after listening carefully and seeing it through their eyes and perspective. The second approach is to show that you can relate your own experiences when relevant to the topic they are sharing.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these tips on my lifestyle blog to grow your friendship group will help. Use them as a starting point, and seek out other options; the list is almost endless! Remember to keep an open mind and try new things; your circle of friends will grow in no time.


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