Arterton Yearn Shoemaker Chelsea Boots Review

Arterton Yearn Shoemaker Chelsea Boots Review

Men’s Chelsea Boots are one of the most accessible and stylish of all footwear choices available, pairing with almost any outfit (both formal and casual) and ensuring your ensemble is finished off perfectly! In my latest blog post review, I will be taking a close look at the Yearn Shoemaker Black Chelsea Boots from Arterton – click here to find out more.

Arterton is undoubtedly a purveyor of fine menswear items offering beautiful pieces to men about town (as seen in my Arterton Nakata Hanger Review review). After browsing their high-end catalogue, their range of shoes and boots caught my eye, particularly the Yearn Chelsea Boots, so I just had to put them through their paces to see if they held up as well as they looked online!

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Design & Shape

When it comes to the shape of a boot (Chelsea Boots in particular), it is the single most crucial factor when considering the purchase. Often boots, especially classical styles, will opt for a large and bulky-looking structure, which can work out well for the older gentleman wearing regular-fit trousers. I personally (and the younger generation) sway towards slim or skinny fits, so chunky boots can be at odds with that sleek silhouette. Fortunately, these Yearn boots offer a slender design with a long toe area (although not too pointy), so tick all the boxes for a more modern overall fit.

Another area which can be catastrophic (for me, at least!) is the leg opening width which in many cases can be far too large and cause the leather to protrude out too much when wearing slim/skinny trousers or jeans. Yearn has managed to dodge this pitfall, and the width is just right (In the photos, you can see me wearing the boots with skinny denim).

The brand offers the Chelsea boots in black and brown; however, I selected the former for a much smarter vibe I planned with a variety of outfits.

Wearability & Comfort

With the design and shape of the boots in the bag, it is only natural that this goes hand in hand with how well they pair with your wardrobe and future clothing purchases. I have already touched on how well they work with skinny denim, but this also rings true for slim and skinny formal trousers. Fans of regular-fitting trousers fear not; these boots can be worn with any legwear styles you want to throw at them. The Chelseas’ can easily be rocked with a complete formal look, such as a three-piece suit or dressed down with a heavy knit and coat; practically anything will work!

When it comes to comfort, footwear can go either way (from personal experience, I have found higher-priced items can sometimes be quite painful), but I’m happy to report that the Arterton stocked Chelsea Boots are a dream to wear; they feel solid and sturdy yet even after wearing for hours are totally comfortable!


For the sizing of the boots, I picked out an 8.5 as I can be between sizes (depending on the brand), so I played it safe. This size choice was a good bet, and they fitted my feet perfectly, nice and snug without being too tight.


The boots are undeniably top-quality, featuring a hand-welted construction; the leather is super smooth without a hint of a flaw and boasts a sole that is a single piece of tanned leather. The leather has been sourced from the German Weinheimer tannery, infamous for flawless leather. As soon as you hold the boots in hand, you know you have a top-quality piece.


The price point of these boots is high; however, footwear is a clothing item you need to spend money on to ensure you get the quality product you desire. The shoes will stand the test of time and give you years of value (if treated with care).


I have owned more than a few pairs of boots in my time, and I can safely say that the Yearn Chelsea Boots from Arterton are a fantastic product! Beautiful to look at, smooth to the touch, complementary to any outfit, and features very high-production values, in short, a tremendous addition to any wardrobe.

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*Partnership with Arterton London / Opinions are my own.


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