Top 5 Basketball Sneakers This Season

Top 5 Basketball Sneakers This Season

Basketball sneakers and fashion have gone hand in hand as the perfect street style pairing, and in my latest article, I will be checking out the top 5 pairs available on the market right now.

Basketball has been a popular sport since its inception, but once the 80s arrived, this love reached a new level of devotion and significantly impacted fashion too. Many of the top players were suddenly getting sponsorships from the biggest brands in the business, and even now, the Jordan High Tops (with the legendary partnership of Michael Jordan and Nike) fly off the shelves in all sorts of colour ways.

If you are a massive fan of basketball, attending the latest game rocking an iconic pair of sneakers is paramount to look the part. Although, due to the sport’s popularity, you may have to hunt around for NBA tickets at the best price available – but it’s worth it to see your team in action.

It’s not just sports fans who want the latest basketball shoes; many fashionistas or so-called sneakerheads are always searching for that newest pair to create that street-style ensemble.

Please keep reading to see my top 5 basketball sneaker recommendations on the market now.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG

Of course, we can’t have a list based on basketball without mentioning the daddy in the whole scene, The Air Jordan 1’s. This pair (The Retro High OG), bathed in the Reverse Laney blue and yellow colourway of MJ’s high school colours, will suit any casual look and definitely catch anyone’s eye as you strut down the street.

New Balance 550

The strikingly designed 550 launched way back in 1989 and took the US and its basketball courts by storm (although they were discontinued after a short run). Fortunately, in 2020 they received a limited edition re-release and became a huge success (once again) and are now part of the regular line-up. The 80s design and streamlined shape have made it a popular release for both fans of the game and fashion lovers alike. I’ve selected the stand-out blue and white pair for my selection.

Adidas Forum Mid Shoes

Adidas is up next for their entry into my top basketball shoes collection with the eye-catching Forum high-tops. These shoes have been popular on the court, adorned the feet of rappers, celebs and recently a swathe of influencers. This mid-top variant boasts even more style, with coated leather and a velcro closing upper – my choice is the bold white and blue number that will level up your urban wear ensemble.

Nike LeBron 20 / XX

LeBron James is a legendary Lakers basketball star famed for his court ability and striking signature Nike sneakers. Available in a bold orange colouring (or a much more muted black shade) and offering a truly comfortable, low-cut, and undoubtedly stylish fit.

Reebok Shaq Attaq

Finally, Reeboks foray into the ring with a re-release of their 1992 Shaq Attaq shoe (with the infamous Shaquille O’Neal, who also starred in the 16-bit Street Fighter 2 challenger game – Shaq Fu). The brand’s pump support system, timeless design, and top-quality craftsmanship still hold up today, especially when paired with the white, black, blue and grey colouring for a stunning combination.

Do you have a love of basketball, or are you just a fan of the footwear? If so, which is your favourite pair, and do you agree with my top fashion blog choices? Let me know your thoughts in the comments area, and remember to check back for new posts and articles.


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