How Has Sports Apparel Increased In Popularity?

How Has Sports Apparel Increased In Popularity?

In recent years there has been a shift in fashion with the rise of ‘Athleisure’, and in my latest blog article, I will figure out how this happened and why sporting apparel has seen a massive jump in popularity. Continue reading to find out more.

Thanks to the worldwide pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, many things changed. One of the main differences was that people began to work on fitness in the safety of their homes, which also affected our dress. Many of us opted to dress comfortably no matter our activity (be it work or play), and as such, leggings, joggers, and loungewear flourished, but the change in styles didn’t stop there; sports apparel took advantage of this newfound love for comfortable fashion too.

Why Sports Apparel?

Sports apparel can tick a variety of boxes; undoubtedly, its primary goal is for the wearer to demonstrate their love for a team (or player), showcasing their allegiance on match day to other fans or even during an otherwise mundane shopping trip. If you’re looking for an example, say you are a homegrown Liverpudlian, what better way to show your support than by wearing the current Liverpool home shirt? (especially if an important tournament is in full swing!).

Sports apparel can appeal to anyone passionate about a sport, whether you are into football, rugby, the NFL, NBA, F1 or even basketball or cricket. However, sometimes those with no interest in sports can be seen rocking sporting fashions.

The Effect Of Working From Home

Since the advent of Covid-19, many people have been comfortable working from home, and many employers adapted to this mindset, allowing staff to have much more freedom. One of the main benefits is that your ‘home work’ attire can be considerably different than your everyday office wear (think three-piece suits and ties). Comfort is king, and your appearance is less critical; you will be more likely to spend your working day in your comfy sportswear when you don’t have to come into the office!

One of the obvious advantages of combining sportswear and office work is the ability to jump straight into an impromptu workout from your desk!

The Influence Of Fashion

As already mentioned, fashions have modified their outlook since the rise of sports apparel. One particular standout is the popularity of vintage sports shirts; the trend was boosted further by the behaviour of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner (who, thanks to their status, have undeniable pull and sway in the fashion industry).

Vintage football shirts, for example, have achieved a strange status, oddly comparable to classic band t-shirts (such as the Ramones or Guns & Roses) and, as such, are popular with people who have no interest in what the shirt is all about (again, similar to music clothing!), yet are in it for the cultural reference instead.

Thanks to the behemoth that is sports, this trend shows no signs of going anywhere, and sports apparel will undoubtedly be popular for a long time! What are your thoughts on this particular style? Have you accepted it with open arms or failed to see the fascination? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject in the comments section.


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